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Canadian artist Jean Morrow describes painting as a form of meditation where creative energy flows through her and onto the canvas.

That serene state is reflected in her brightly coloured abstracts and soothing landscapes, pieces designed to evoke a sense of calm and beauty in the home.

Influenced by the interplay of water, winds and nature, acrylics are a natural medium for Jean.

Whether in the undulating lines of an abstract, the fluttering of leaves in a forest, or thunderclouds over the ocean, energy, fluidity, and movement figure highly in her work.

Based in the artistic community of Almonte, Ontario, since 2010 she’s lived and worked out of the historic Thoburn Mill, where her loft-front gallery and workspace is a popular stop on local studio tours.

Her work is in private collections across North America including several pieces in the United States Ambassador’s residence in Ottawa.

When the river freezes over, Jean and her husband retreat to St. Simons Island, Georgia where she counts the beaches, sunsets, and ocean among her muses.

Born in Saskatchewan and raised in Ottawa, Jean began painting over 25 years ago when a friend gave her some art supplies for Christmas.

Since then, she’s explored various mediums and techniques and, after retiring from a successful tech career, devoted herself to her art full-time.

Painting fulfills a need to create something from within, says Jean, joking, “If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be constantly rearranging the furniture.”



Using acrylic paints and mediums and usually working on mid-size to large canvases, I create brightly coloured abstracts and landscapes, often featuring trees and water. I rarely work from photographs but prefer to start with an idea or concept and then work it out on the canvas letting it progress organically.

My work is about creating something that is pleasing to the eye. It’s about creating something you can hang on the wall, something the eye can travel around, something that intrigues, speaks to you and moves you.

It’s about creating something of beauty.

Past Shows:

Oct. 2021 – Crown & Pumpkin studio tour – juried show

Sept. 2020 – Dec 2020 – ARTPrior Gallery, Arnprior, Ont.

Jan. 2019 – Sept. 2020 – “Shape of Water” Stairwell Gallery, Almonte, Ont.

June 13- Nov 13, 2019 – Featured artist at the Thoburn Mill Gallery

Oct 12-14, 2019 – Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour – Juried Show

June 2019 – Featured artist at Equator Cafe, Almonte, Ont.

Nov 2018-May 2019 – “Orange Burst” Stairway Gallery, Almonte, Ont.

July-Oct, 2018 – “Blown Away” Under the Stairs Gallery, Almonte, Ont.

Oct 6-8, 2018 – Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour – Juried show

June 2018 – “In Pieces” Under the Stairs Gallery, Almonte, Ont.

June 2018 – AJA55+ Art Tour

May 2017 – Arts Carleton Place Spring Show

August 2016 – Solo show at Giardino Lifestyle Salon & Academy

May 2016 – Arts Carleton Place Spring Show & Sale

Nov 7 – Dec 20, 2015 – Thoburn Mill First Floor gallery

August 1 – 29, 2015 – Thoburn Mill Gallery

April 10 – May 24, 2015 – Spring Voices -Sivarulrasa Studio & Gallery

Oct 27, 2014 – Thoburn Mill Studio Tour part of Apt613 Gallery tour in Almonte

Oct 2012 to June 2013 – Artistic Landscape Design Gallery – Ottawa

May 2012 – Solo Show at the Chambers Gallery – Almonte City Hall

June 2012 – Solo Show at the Corridor Gallery – Almonte Public Library

November 2011 – Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour – Juried Show